Friday, June 22, 2012

We are starting to pick veggies!

Plants are doing great.  Despite the god awful hot weather we are having.  Wednesday was around 93 degrees and today around 95.  It's just hot, hot, hot.  I did my rounds in the garden about 7 this morning and I was sweating.  Soaked!  And all I did was walk around!  

Brandywine Tomatoes.  I've been trying to keep up with pinching off the suckers.  Miss a few here and there but the plants are getting tall and very strong.  Plums are doing well and so is the Cherry.  We have a mystery tomato plant that just showed up to join the party.  Not sure of the variety but it has flowers and should set fruit soon.  It will reveal itself shortly!

First planting of sweet corn.  I'm crossing my fingers this year.  Last year we had a terrible time getting this to grow.  It rained endlessly and most of it didn't come up.  The second planting did, sort of, but the ears never developed any significant corn.  Hoping this year is different.  On the right you can just see our 2nd planting of corn.  It was planted 4 weeks after the first went in.  At the far end we have and experimental interplanting of Canteloupe.  So far so good.  

This is the canteloupe that is planted in another bed.  It is occupying what will be blueberries next year.  These guys were just little plants about 6 weeks ago.  We put some black plastic down to control the weeds and the 2 days following that plastic installation the plants almost tripled in size.  They must love that plastic and they are trying to take over the entire garden!  These have been fenced in too due to critters.  One year the neighbor lost all of her fruit over night.  Now they can't get to it!  hehe...

Pepper plants are loving this hot weather.  Starting to set fruit.  Some of these are red and yellow but I'm no sure who is who.  Time will tell!

Morning haul of squash.  There is plenty more coming.

This is an crazy photo but it is of the strawberry plants.  I tried to pick on with lots of runners.  They are really setting out the runners and we have to keep them in line before they are all over the garden!  The rows are covered in plastic as well and it's doing wonders for keep weeds away.

So that's what we have going on, it's not the whole garden but things are doing great, for once!

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Pictures June 13

I'm a bit behind here as usual.  Things are really hopping in the garden. 

These pictures are from June 13.  It is now June 21 and you would be amazed how this plants are growing.  The garden is the best it has ever been.  It's been A LOT of work weeding and general maintenance but we are starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel.

Cherry Tomatoes

Straight 8 Cucumbers

Yellow Squash.  Lost a few with blossom end rot but still going strong.

Zucchini and Squash Plants