Wednesday, May 29, 2013


Well, deer....not dear.....we need to talk.   Talk about STAYING OUT OF THE GARDEN....

The fence is there for a reason.

Ok, so I'm trying a new approach to the deer fencing this year.  With the addition of the extended garden, I can't afford to put up conventional's just too expensive.

I saw on youtube a video where a guy used 30# test fishing line to keep the deer out.   String it tight and when the deer press against it they don't like it and they can't see it to jump over.  I did 3 strands and thought I was good.  Well......

This morning about 6:30am I ran out to let the chickens out.  What do I see.....a deer in my garden.  Now granted the only 2 sides are done with the fishing line.  He or she ran up to the top edge and stopped short of the fence.   Hmmmmm.....going to stay in there or what.  Next, and I swear it happened, it stuck it's tongue out at me and slipped right through the middle and top row of line!  WHAT!?!?!?!?!

Ok so now I have run three full sides and half of one.  I still need to get the tractor in there so it's partially open.  AND I made it 5 strands not 3.  I'll be out again in the morning to check on this stinking deer.  Going to first rake all the footprints out and stalk those buggers.

It may be kinda hard to see but it's there. 

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