Thursday, May 16, 2013

Radishes are up.....

Our frost date was this past weekend.  I never trust those dates and for good reason, two days later we had a frost!

The potato plants took a little hit.  Yukon golds more than the others.  I believe they will be ok.  I did hill them once already before the frost hit.  Strawberries made it with no damage. 

Here is the first veggie that I planted from seed this year.  These are Saxa II radishes.  They say they are ready in 18 days but these took about 6 weeks.  Maybe it was a bit cool for them to get started.  I also have some baby bok choy that I planted around the same time.  Most of it didn't survive but I think there are a few still going.  I'm going to plant more so no worries there.

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