Sunday, May 27, 2012

Status Update

With everything almost planted, with the exception of lettuce and a few quick growing seeds, things are looking ok.

Beans, however, are being quite troublesome.  I have yellow and green bush beans planted.  Each 20 feet long and a foot wide.  I'm trying to do some wide rows this year.  Only the green have sprouted, and only in a 5' portion of the row.  The rest are one here, one there.  The yellow on the other hand, I think only 3 plants emerged in the same 20' wide row planting arrangement.  I'm not sure what is happening to these plants.  We once again, like last year, have replanted the beans.  Hopefully this time they will come up.

Peas are doing really well.  In fact I have to pick them tomorrow morning.  They all of a sudden just took off and are growing taller! 

First planting row of corn is up and looks awesome.  Last year it fought us as well.  2nd row just went in today.  This is a good spacing for us.  2 rows of 60' of corn staggered by 4 weeks.  Plenty of time to pick, eat, and freeze the harvest.

Tomatoes are growing like crazy.  Picking off the suckers and it's getting time to put string on the support.  Trying a new method this year, 4 stakes and string.  We'll see how this goes.  It's trial and error.

Peppers are good and strong.  Planted more bananna and some Jalepeno.  They are looking a little small but I did give them some fertilizer and the color has improved a bit. 

It has been ungodly hot these past few days.  Thunderstorms are around but seem to always miss us.  We could use some rain.  I'm filling 1 gallon jugs with water to transport to the garden.  No hose out there yet but we'll made due.

I have some pictures to post but have to transfer them from my phone.  Check back in a day or two.

Oh, and we have a yellow summer squash with a flower!  It's so exciting to see the fruits of our labor!

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