Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Breakfast - Local, organic, sustainable.....and cheap!

There is nothing better than going out your back door and picking all the ingredients for breakfast.
Today I harvested some of my baby spinach, pulled a sweet (candy) onion and some asparagus from the garden and hijacked 2 eggs from the chickens.
I par-cooked the asparagus and cut into about 1" pieces.  I then cut the onion to just above the white part and sautéed with the asparagus in a little olive oil and butter.  Added my eggs scrambled and the spinach.  Just let cook on medium heat slowly.   I had a piece of toast with homemade strawberry jam to complete the dish.   
The cost for this meal....pennies.  And I literally mean pennies.  Maybe 5 cents.  Try to get something like that out at a restaurant for that price!
Ingredients - simple.
In the pan...
All done...and it tasted delicious.

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