Friday, June 7, 2013

Garden Update - those pesky deer.....

Yesterday was a race against the rain.  I had a ton to plant and get picked and try to fence things in....those darn deer! 

My poor lettuce.  Good thing this variety will grow back.

I started my day running something to school for my son and then decided to hit up the greenhouse next to the school.  Ugh why do I do this to myself?  Bought MORE plants.  Oiy!  I HAD to get more lettuce thanks to the deer and I picked up a few celery plants.  Never grew celery and what the heck, may as well try right?

And I replaced the plants I had on the brink of death and thought I no avail....again the deer.  Ate the leaves right off the little buggers.  But I see they don't like watermelon or basil.  They were right next to the plants and not a nibble.  Good for me!

I also picked up a few herbs....cilantro (my absolute favorite herb), oregano and dill for my pickles.

After this torrential rain we are supposed to get I'm getting the bean T-Pee erected and strings run and then plant the beans and peas.  It's the last day of school here and I really need the help of an older sibling.  Hard to harness a 4 year olds attention for very long.

Here's a photo of one bed of tomatoes.  These are the San Marzano, 12 of them.  Just beyond them are the Amish Paste and the lone Tim's Black Ruffle.  Another bed has my yellow Brandywine and Cherokee Purple and the final "tomato" plants are the Tomatillo.  I know they technically aren't tomatoes but I put them in that category for my garden's sake....


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