Monday, June 3, 2013

Finally some rain and planting!

I did finally get some of my plants in.  I thought I got all the peppers planted....then I found some more!  Whoops! 

I got the mulch in place for my faux raised beds although I may have put a few inches too much.  I think I had to dig down about 6 inches or so to find the dirt below.  Note to self, don't try putting mulch down then planting right away.  The dirt was SO DRY!  I did make holes in the two beds where the tomatoes are going so hopefully with the rain last night there will be some moist dirt under there!

I have the cucumbers, eggplant, tomatoes and tomatillos yet to plant and the rest are getting started by seed.  Beans, cowpeas and squash. 

I want to get them all done this week.  I'm crossing my fingers!  And hopefully the deer stay out!  Then it's time to sit back and wait for everything to grow.....  :)

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