Sunday, June 9, 2013

Re-growing celery from store bought...really?

I saw a lot of people using the bottoms of store bought green onions and celery to grow new plants and I finally remembered to try this before the end of the stalk made it's way to the chickens or garbage disposal.

What I have here is an organic celery end.  If you are going to do this you may as well invest in the organic produce.  If it works then you get multiple growth from a single purchase.  Stretching the dollar!

All I did was score the bottom lightly with a fork, you could use a sharp knive, and put it in a dish of shallow water.  Keep an eye on the water.  As it evaporates and the plant draws it in you need to add more.

The little sprouts in the middle are new growth!  Amazing.  The bottom should sprout some roots and then it can be planted in the garden or pot.  It should be a fun experiment.

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